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Apr 29, 2017

Show 1791 The Dennis Prager Show Ann Coulter Cancelled and Parent College Loans

 From The Dennis Prager Show

Segment 1- No Freedom to Speak

Ann Coulter cancelled her speech in Berkeley. Her safety or the safety of the people attending couldn’t be assured. This is a telling moment in American history. Freedom of speech is no longer a value shared by a significant segment of American society…

 Segment 2- The federal government seduces parents into taking out loans to pay for their child’s college education. The children get a leftist indoctrination and the parents are stuck with loans they can’t repay.

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The Lunatics of By Any Means Necessary

I just got done watching a video put together by an Internet personality known as Sargon of Akkad. It goes into the background of the major people behind the violent left-wing organization By Any Means Necessary.

I think you should watch it. Thanks to Bob Wenzel at for posting it.

These are people who genuinely cannot be reasoned with. They believe they are fighting against “fascism,” a term they cannot even define. When Tucker Carlson asked the notorious Yvette Felarca to define it, he received a preposterous answer. A fascist, she said, is someone who organizes a mass movement targeting women, immigrants, and minorities in a campaign of genocide.

Well, that’s not the definition of fascism, but that’s not the main problem with that statement.

The woman believes there are people who favor a systematic campaign of extermination against women, immigrants, and minorities. That is a level of delusion I can barely conceive of.

Speaking about her opponents, Felarca said “they’re trying to assert their power, threaten us, intimidate us, rape us, kill us.”

The racial crime statistics do not bear out this claim.

Here is the video, perhaps for some weekend watching:


BAMN Are A Violent Cult


Published on Apr 25, 2017

By Any Means Necessary are a dangerous cult operating in Berkeley, organizing Antifa riots and indoctrinating students.