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Dec 24, 2015

Show 1401 The Design of Life. METAMORPHOSIS

This is an audio version from the Design of Life video documentary.

About the Design of Life collection-

Photographed by more than a dozen cinematographers on three continents, THE DESIGN OF LIFE is an unforgettable look at compelling scientific evidence for intelligent design in the living world.  

This spectacular exploration of the animal kingdom has captivated audiences of all ages with its wonder and beauty—while challenging Darwinian evolution with the truth about the origin and complexity of life on Earth.

METAMORPHOSIS:  The Beauty and Design of Butterflies

Computer animation and magnetic resonance imaging open previously hidden doors to every stage of a butterfly’s life cycle--from an egg the size of a pinhead to a magnificent flying insect.

 How did these astonishing creatures come into being?  Are they the products of a blind, undirected process?  Or, were they designed by an intelligence that transcends the material world?

Running time:  approx. 63 minutes

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