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Feb 25, 2011

Show 687  Reviewing clips of Ronald Reagan’s speeches, Long and Steyn reflect on Reagan’s relevance to issues confronting America today. Speaking of Reagan’s “The Last Stand on Earth” address, Steyn remarks on “how easily you can pick up the argument [made in 1964 about the threat of Soviet communism] and drop it right down into the current circumstances [the threat of Islamic extremism].” Recorded April 26, 2010 Uncommon Knowledge.

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They further review Reagan’s positions on socialized medicine, the Constitution (and what Steyn terms “the persistence of the monarchical urge”), and government spending. Finally Long and Steyn challenge Newt Gingrich's assertion that “it is time to let Ronald Reagan go. Not from our reverent memory of course, but as our touchstone, as our icon, as our hallmark, and our reference point.” (38:02)

  • Mark Steyn and Rob Long discuss with Hoover fellow Peter Robinson the relevance today of what Ronald Reagan said about America in 1964.
  • at 8:14 Mark Steyn and Rob Long reflect on Ronald Reagan’s stand against socialized medicine.
  •  at 13:05 Mark Steyn and Rob Long discuss Reagan, the Constitution, and what Steyn terms “the persistence of the monarchical urge.”
  • at 22:01 Mark Steyn and Rob Long respond to Reagan’s time-tested notion that government planning and welfare only beget more government planning and welfare.
  •  at 29:12 Is the Reagan Era over? Mark Steyn and Rob Long weigh in.

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