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Dec 27, 2016

Show 1681 The Glenn Beck Program The Courage Boys Series

Courage Boys

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Courage Boys features stories to inspire and leave you feeling hopeful. Making a difference is not only possible, but something we’re all capable of accomplishing. These are the stories of ordinary people making the decision to be extraordinary with bravery, resilience and principle. This is Courage Boys.

This ACU show consists of 20 short parts of Glenn Beck’s ‘Courage Boys’ Series


Courage Boys: A Man of the People

For the wretched of this earth, there is a flame that never dies. Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise.


Courage Boys: No Means No

This man died with integrity. And with integrity, a man outlives his body.


Courage Boys: The Cosmonaut

To accomplish great feats, we often stand on the shoulders of giants — even little giants. Courage Boys: Columbus’ Secret

Know your mission. Sail boldly, but always speak humbly.


Courage Boys: Fuselage

The lonely, cold man at the end of his rope often will meet God there.


Courage Boys: School Terror


Courage Boys: The Pacifist


Courage Boys: Water Boy


Courage Boys: Tank Man


Courage Boys: Quaker Scientist Never be afraid of the truth. It always lasts longer than the fights do.


Courage Boys: Guinea Pig

It might seem crazy, but usually it’s the pioneers that get the answers.


Courage Boys: Wearing Armor Honoring a woman’s virtue will exalt the righteous. Dishonoring it will ruin the wicked in every case.


Courage Boys: Charge! When men around you are waiting for a leader, maybe it’s time for you to get on your horse and yell “charge.”


Courage Boys: Death Sentence Let all be equal before the law, even when it is you.


Courage Boys: Bronc Buster

Sometimes proving a point is bigger than taking home the prize money.


Courage Boys: Angel of the Battlefield

In the darkest pits of hell, an angel just might appear. Your own Florence Nightingale.


Courage Boys: Sniper Soft Spot

 Most people are just as scared and lonely as you are.  And sometimes, maybe more.


Courage Boys: Pirate Who Saved

Great plans don’t often come with guarantees. But their results can change the world long after you’re gone.


Courage Boys: Einstein Winning the Nobel Prize was a turning point in Albert Einstein’s life. It made him famous. The world now knew his face and trusted his science.


Courage Boys: Gandhi

How did Gandhi inspire a chubby young Indian boy with an insatiable sweet tooth to give up candy?


Courage Boys: Unlikely Allies

In the midst of Nazi German, the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games pitted blonde haired, blue-eyed Luz Long against African-American superstar Jesse Owens.


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