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Jan 13, 2017

Show 1694 The Truth About Chile’s Augusto Pinochet and Gun Owners Persecution

Segment 1- The Truth About Chile’s Augusto Pinochet

The subject of Augusto Pinochet divides Chileans even today: should he be honored for making Chile more prosperous and desirable than its neighbors, or should he be condemned for human rights abuses?


About the Guest

Axel Kaiser is executive director of Fundacion Para el Progreso.


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Interventionism and Misery: 1929-2008


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Segment 2-  How Gun Laws Cost Him His Son and His Freedom

Brian Aitken was sentenced to seven years in prison — later commuted by Chris Christie — on bogus weapons charges. We discuss his case and its larger implications.

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by Joshua Hatuey Marti (Author)


Book Description-

How do you overthrow a Communist Country?
The Cuban Liberation Handbook is contained in the first two pages of this book. Please read it now.
Totalitarian regimes are particularly vulnerable when an adversary offers monetary incentives to those who cooperate in their overthrow. A communist government, which includes Cuba, owns the vast majority of the nation’s assets. Millions of people now languish in the grip of these regimes while an important tool for their deliverance remains unused. Throughout the ages monetary incentives in war have proven exceptionally effective. In short, pay the liberators with the spoils of war.
In this bold work of fiction, the reader is taken on a journey through war to liberation using these new and exciting principals of monetary incentives in War.


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Scott McDougle

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