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Nov 13, 2017

Show 1985 The Wonderful World of Stu!

This ACU Show consists of several short segments from Stu Burguiere of the “Wonderful World of Stu


Was Hitler a Christian? His own words make it clear

According to Hitler’s own words, he was in no way a Christian, but those who hate Christianity would like you to think he was. Indeed when he needed votes, Hitler himself wanted you to think he was a Christian — and that the Bible was written in German and that Jesus wasn’t a Jew.

Stu Burguiere of the “Wonderful World of Stu” took a look at Hitler’s relationship with the Church using his own words, concluding that Hitler was a Christian in the same way Stu is a gym rat — not at all.

Hitler needed German Christian voters, saying, “We do not want to battle against Christianity.” Historian Friedrich Timme saw through the Nazis’ pandering, stating: “Everyone who believes their grand promises, and indeed their Christian beliefs, is a fool. You should recognize them by the fruits of their deeds.”

In 1939, Hitler established the Institute for the Study of Eradication of Jewish Influence on German Church Life, which eliminated the Old Testament and decided that Jesus was actually appropriated from an old Germanic god, Krist.

He later said of the Church, “This organized lie has to be broken in such a way that the state becomes the absolute master.” Was Hitler worshiping Christ or competing with Him?

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The Nazis were the first environmental Nazis

Nazis were lots of things — most notably, murderous, genocidal maniacs. But they were also environmentalists, said Stu Burguiere on “The Wonderful World of Stu.”

Paul Ehrlich famously predicted in “The Population Bomb” that we’d run out of food because we would have too many people. Hitler was also incredibly concerned about this, using it as an excuse to conquer his neighbors.

He said “The new reich would have to … conquer with the German sword the soil that the German plow would till in order to provide our people with their daily bread.”

Stu then cited a number of publications from the era of the Third Reich that contain environmental phraseology almost indistinguishable from today’s.

The Germans of the time even had the same sentiments about those who did not wish to submit to government-mandated environmentalism. Wilhelm Lienenkamper  said “Those refusing the call of sacrifice are under attack, and rightly so. “

And Hermann Goering, famous for a few atrocities, also said of the environment “Only by the complete subjection of the individual to the service of the whole can the perpetuity of the community be assured.”

Even when talking about forest conservation, the Nazis sound scary.


Nuclear power does exactly what environmentalists want — but they still hate it

Stu Burguiere can’t understand why people who are passionate about energy efficiency and climate change, such as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I), hate nuclear energy.

After all, every time we shut down a nuclear power plant in the United States, carbon emissions go up by millions of metric tons. Isn’t that a bad thing?

When Bernie’s own state shut down the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, it was replaced by a plant burning a fossil fuel: natural gas. Emissions went up by five percent, the first increase since 2010.

Thirty million tons of carbon emissions spewed into the crisp Vermont air, partly blamed on the cold winter and New Englanders trying to not freeze to death.

Nuclear power is largely carbon neutral and in theory, “an environmentalist’s dream,” Stu said. Yet seven more plants are scheduled to close between now and 2025. The Energy Information Administration predicts an increase of 30-46 million metric tons of carbon emissions.


Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient’ movies are chock full of inconvenient lies

Former vice president Al Gore has made a number of climate predictions in his post-White House career that haven’t come true. He continues making them, however, and people continue to believe him.

Stu Burguiere debunked Al Gore’s film “An Inconvenient Truth” on “Wonderful World of Stu,” illustrating Gore’s emotional manipulation of his audience by invoking the World Trade Center memorial site.

Gore said it would flood if half of Greenland and half of Antarctica melted, then claimed that Superstorm Sandy proved his point. Well … not if you look at reality, like Stu did.


Yes, pesticides are in everything — but you’ll never guess the source

Fruit is chock full of delicious nutrients and deadly pesticides that science didn’t even foist upon them. This is because nature wants to protect itself and wishes death upon us at every turn. Stu Burguiere addressed celebrity-hyped pesticide scares on “Wonderful World of Stu.”

Chief among the pesticide nay-sayers is Gwyneth Paltrow and her lifestyle company GOOP, which frequently features breathless blog posts claiming that the pesticides in your fruit are killing people. But…they’re not. Fruits make and always have made their own natural pesticides. They “started the deadly biological war” against pests, Stu said.

But don’t take his word for it. Dr. Bruce Ames, a professor of molecular biology at the University of California, Berkeley found that 99.9 percent of pesticides consumed by Americans are plant-produced. In fact, we eat ten thousand times more natural pesticides than synthetic.

Stu came to the sobering conclusion that “the only sure-fire way to eliminate pesticides from your diet would be to not eat anything. At all. Ever.” However, it doesn’t actually seem to be the problem actresses like Paltrow would have you believe.


Fake lawsuits don’t hurt ‘big pharmacy’ – they hurt you

Why does big pharmacy hate you? Stu Burguiere took a look at the myth that pharmaceutical corporations are stealing your money and giving you snake oil.

To create a drug, companies go through years of research and development with no timeline for success. After investing in R&D, companies may create a product that helps people, but they still aren’t anywhere close to market. A new drug product needs to go through years of red tape before getting FDA approval to be sold to consumers. Finally, even if a product makes it through the gauntlet, only a small number of consumers will actually purchase the drug.

The pharmaceutical company’s troubles don’t end there. Once a drug is available, some lawsuits are inevitable as well as accusations that consumers are being ripped off. Stu explained:

“When a product finally gets on the market, they are flooded both with complaints that they should be giving it away for free and with lawsuits claiming they never should have made it in the first place.”

To give an example of fraudulent lawsuits that companies sometimes face, Stu broke down the infamous fen-phen weight-loss drug case. In the 1990s, doctors wrote millions of prescriptions for a fenflurmine-phentermine drug combination that purportedly helped people lose weight.

When a doctor found a link between fen-phen and heart valve deterioration in 24 of her patients, the discovery unleashed a host of lawsuits that were more about making money than helping people. In one fraudulent case, Texas resident Cheryl Yvonne Barnett sued, alleging that fen-phen had hurt her health even though the medication had never been prescribed to her.

Litigation cost the company $1 billion, with profits from fen-phen sales totaling about 1 percent of that. Stu reminded the audience that for the most part, pharmaceutical companies are trying to help people and that having a profit incentive is a good thing. “Stop discouraging the people who want to make Grandma’s tumor go away,” he said.


Try the Venezuela Diet!

Are you as big as TheBlaze’s Jeffy Fisher? Lose weight FAST in the socialist paradise of Venezuela!

You’ll never have to worry about losing your cool in the junk food aisle, because Venezuela doesn’t have junk food. Heck, they don’t even have food!

Need some cardio? Walk for miles and miles just to obtain the most basic of needs, which you’ll think twice about eating because there’s almost no toilet paper!

And don’t worry about leaving before you’ve lost all the weight. You won’t be allowed to leave.


You’ll pay a hefty price to ‘save the environment’ with this costly solar roof

How does spending over $50,000 to save $27 a year, even after a 30 percent tax credit, sound to you? Tesla’s new solar roofing system looks pretty cool and sounds very environmentally conscientious, but as Stu Burguiere pointed out in “Wonderful World of Stu,” it’s nowhere near as cost effective as the company wants you to think it is.

Potential buyers can type their address into the Tesla roof website to estimate their costs and savings. It is honest enough to show the average home owner that the price may end up being three times more than the cost of the average roof.

Tesla guru Elon Musk himself admitted, “The economics are not yet compelling where housing and utility costs are low and property taxes are high.”

The only possible reason to buy, then, is that you believe you’d be helping the environment — until some better, less expensive innovation comes along.


Ireland pays its citizens to use ‘environmentally friendly’ fuel — the results were predictable

It’s hard to believe, but there’s more in Ireland than leprechauns and Bono. We didn’t believe it either, but Stu Burguiere learned that Ireland also has renewable heat. Well, it would have, were it not a total #GREENFAIL.

Northern Ireland’s Renewable Heat Incentive tried to encourage its citizens to use biomass fuel, which is just a fancy name for wood pellets. “The Wonderful World of Stu” reported that every Irishman who spent £100 ($127) on wood pellets would get £160 ($204) back from the government.

The results were exactly what any thinking person with a vague working knowledge of math would imagine: people started buying pellets just to have a passive income stream. People started heating empty barns and factories.

Ireland’s Renewable Heat Incentive was a massive waste of tax payer money to the tune of over £600 million ($765 million), in addition to actually making the environment worse. The European Union labeled wood a carbon neutral fuel, which it is not. It can release three percent more carbon than coal and twice as much as natural gas.


This city spent $107,000 for wind turbines — for decoration

Stu Burguiere brought another #Greenfail! to light with horrible, racist wind turbines. Have you ever seen a black wind turbine? No. No, you haven’t.

In addition to being bigots, they are also wasteful with money, only generating $42 of electricity a month even though they cost $107,000 for three.

The council persons who put them in Seattle’s Waterfront Park discovered this the hard way, after already spending the money.

…and they never turned them on.

But that’s okay! Seattle Director of Community and Economic Development Nathan West admitted they were there for show.

They’re a symbol of “energy creation” or more accurately, as Stu pointed out, wasted taxpayer money.


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