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Dec 7, 2016

Show 1667 The Wonderful World of Stu. Presidential Polls and the Nazi Titanic

Segment 1- The Wonderful World of Stu.  Stu discusses the Presidential polls and talks to the author of the Nazi Titanic.

Segment 2- From C-Span. The Nazi Titanic Robert Watson talked about his book The Nazi Titanic: The Incredible Untold Story of a Doomed Ship in World War II, in which he recalls the German ocean liner SS Cap Arcona. Built in 1927 and later gutted by the Nazis, it was used for a barracks and military transport. In his book, the author reports that near the end of the war the ship was loaded with thousands of concentration camp prisoners and accidentally bombed by the British Royal Air Force. This resulted in the deaths of many people on-board and is considered one of the worst maritime disasters of the war.

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