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Nov 22, 2017

Show 1994 Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation, Trump-Russia Dossier and Rush Limbaugh- The Plot to Kill the NFL

This ACU Show consists of 5 selections from the YouTube channel Liberty Pen.

For Liberty Pen’s great YouTube archive visit-


Stefan Molyneux - The High Stakes of PC Culture Wars

Author/Philosopher/Podcaster Stefan Molyneux lays out what is at stake in our modern day culture wars. Excerpts from the Alex Jones Show (Sept 28, 2017).


Pay to Play - Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation

In 2009, the Obama administration approved the transferred control of twenty percent of America’s uranium to Russian interests. This deal, which on the face seems contrary to national interest, is examined by focusing on the beneficiaries and following the money. Published on Nov 9, 2017

(Excerpts are largely from Fox News, since other networks find it their interest to ignore the story)


Hillary's Deception - The Trump-Russia Dossier

A collection of news clips that explain the issues surrounding the Trump-Russia dossier, a phony document fabricated by British intelligent agent Christopher Steele and funded by Hillary Clinton’s campaign designed to slander her political opponent. The disinformation was then deployed by James Comey and the FBI to obtain warrants and push for an investigation of the new president. Also see: Pay for Pay - Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation


Rand Paul - Balancing Compassion and Debt

Rand Paul makes a compelling case that we cut wasteful spending to finance hurricane recovery instead of just borrowing more money. Published on Nov 6, 2017


Rush Limbaugh - The Plot to Kill the NFL

While some say the NFL protests are about police brutality and free speech, Limbaugh makes a compelling case that the end game is to weaken and destroy the NFL. Published on Sep 29, 2017