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Apr 3, 2017

Show 1768 Venezuela. 3 Segments

Segment 1-

Dennis Prager talks to Ami Horowitz, video journalist, about his recent trip to the socialist paradise of Venezuela.

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Democrats Love Socialism

Democrats love socialism. Ami goes to Venezuela to find out how well Socialism is working out for people there. Published on Mar 15, 2017


Segment 2-

Venezuela: End Stage Socialism

The Venezuelan people are experiencing a rude awakening from Hugo Chavez's dream. A cautionary tale.   Published on Jun 4, 2016   


Segment 3-

The Fall of Venezuela. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.

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Published on May 19, 2016

Under the crippling weight of massive currency inflation, food shortages, power outages, increasing disease prevalence, a fall in oil prices, drought and political mismanagement – Venezuela has essentially become a failed state.

What did the late President Hugo Chávez and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela do to lead the country down this path? What has new President Nicolás Maduro done as he’s ruled the country by decree? Why aren't you hearing more about the origin of these economic problems and what does this mean for neighboring countries?