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Nov 4, 2017

Show 1978 YouTube Quarantine, Naval Disrepair, Fed Confiscation and Kim Jong Un. Bill Whittle.

This ACU Show Consists of 5 segments from Bill Whittle Show, Right Angle.

Segment 1- The YouTube Quarantine Zone: Zombie Apocalypse - 10/13/17

Its well known that YouTube censors conservative content on its platform. It does this through arbitrary age limits and demonetization of otherwise harmless videos that are not violating any policy. In fact, it would not be surprising if this very video is censored for calling out Google and YouTube. How can conservatives overcome this blatant act of political censorship? What must be done to make the Internet open again? The Right Angle team responds.

Segment 2-  Here We Come Ready Or Not - 10/20/17

Bill took a visit to a US Navy ship earlier this week and had a great conversation with the Admiral and Squadron Commander. Many concerns were voiced. For example, since Congress cannot come up with a budget, the Navy has had to outsource the reparation of its fleet to the private sector using three month contracts to repair its vessels. This has created an inefficient system that has left the Navy in disrepair. When will Congress get its act together and rebuild our military? Bill, Steve, and Scott give their thoughts.


Segment 3-  This Is Not America - 10/19/17

A businessman in Maryland had his money confiscated by the government on the premise that he did not follow the complex paperwork and regulations of the IRS. Even after being cleared of any wrongdoing, the government refused to give him his money back. Now he is facing financial hardships and personal issues due to the stress caused by this conundrum. The Right Angle team analyzes the situation and provides criticism of and advice on how to deal with Uncle Sam's bloated, unaccountable bureaucracy.


Segment 4-  The Las Vegas Shooting: Six Sigma Insanity - 10/06/17

What is the proper way to respond to a horrific massacre? How can we discuss tragedies when emotions are running high?


Segment 5-  A Little Advice For Kim Jong Un - 09/21/17

As North Korea grows more and more unhinged, the nuclear threat becomes more and more real. Recently, North Korea threatened to launch a nuke at the island of Guam. In light of this escalation of threats, the Right Angle team has a little advice for Kim Jong Un: Do not mess with the United States of America.

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