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Mar 31, 2008

Show 190 Michael Medved interviews author John C. Wohlstetter.36 min 8.4MB.

In a new book, The Long War Ahead And The Short War Upon Us, author John C. Wohlstetter outlines a frightening scenario of losing two wars with Islamic extremists and calls for a winner takes all battle against terror and barbarism. Wohlstetter describes a multi-dimensional war that will be almost impossible to win unless American changes its military and foreign policy strategies NOW.

Wohlstetter says that American's foreign policy decisions have led to a 'perfect storm' war scenario that could embroil the U.S. in a prolonged war that will threaten the security - and perhaps the survival - of generations to come.

The Long War Ahead And The Short War Upon Us is a must-read examination of America's war on terror that for the first time ever explains the battle from two perspectives- a Long War and a Short War. The Long War, refers to the atavistic barbarian adversaries who place no significance on life and use modern technologies in pursuit of their goal of annihilating modern societies. The Short War describes American's race to stop a Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) catastrophe. This book offers America a strategy for winning the war on terror. John Wohlstetter gets it right.

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