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Jun 23, 2008

Show 229 Jonah Goldberg  at the Heritage Foundation discussing his provocative and well-researched book, Liberal Fascism, exposing the origins, history & current state of modern Liberalism -- the polar opposite of classical liberalism. He dispels the Liberal mythology that socialism is somehow the opposite of national socialism (fascism), and walks us through the close knit relationships amongst Leftists; including FDR's administration, Communism, Socialism, Marxism, Fascism, Green, Progressivism and other such regressive, mystic-based beliefs.

To see the video go to Youtube Jonah Goldberg. 

To purchase the book Liberal Fascism visit Amazon Liberal Fascism  

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almost nine years ago

Why the increase in anxiety? In both studies, anxiety levels are associated with low social connectedness testking HP0-J23 and high environmental threat. During the study period, social connectedness decreased because of higher divorce rates, more people living alone and a decline in trust in other people. The author says many of these changes involve greater individualism, but she says there can be a down side to this. \"Our testking 70-237 greater autonomy may lead to increased challenges and excitement, but it also leads to greater isolation from others, more threats to our bodies testking 70-642 and minds, and thus higher levels of anxiety,\" said Dr. Twenge.