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Jun 18, 2012

Show 849 Part 5 of 8. Audio book. To Destroy you is no Loss. "To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss." The taunting slogan used by the Cambodian Communists to intimidate millions of Cambodians in 1975 sets the mood for this incredible survival story. Teeda, who was fifteen at the time of the Khmer Rouge take-over, chronicles her family's fearful existence and their emigration to America. Moore has a clear, soft voice; she gives the story the straightforward yet sensitive reading it deserves. Images of the horror of Teeda's family's deprivation, their sorrows and fears, the love and support within the family, and the strength of the human will to survive are all powerfully communicated by her careful phrasing and subtle changes in tone.  To Destroy You is No Loss. By Joan D. Criddle, Teeda Butt Mam. Narrated by Christina Moore. (from cover case)


This audio book is currently out of print. If you enjoy this audio book please send $5 to the publisher-East/West Bridge Publishing House P.O. Box 211412 Auke Bay, Alaska 99821-1412 U.S.A..


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