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Sep 2, 2009

Show 444 Audio version of video interview of  Professor Ian Plimer Launches Heaven and Earth; A Book About the Hot Air Surrounding Climate Change

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 VIDEO: Australia's best known Geologist, Ian Plimer, Professor of Mining Geology at The University of Adelaide and Emeritus Professor of Earth Sciences at The University of Melbourne, has just published his seventh book titled "Heaven and Earth, Global Warming: The Missing Science".

 In an extensive interview with Brian Carlton, the Professor gives the background on this book as well as providing insights into the reasons why he believes that the concerns of the "climate change" crusaders is a "load of hot air".

 Taking ocean, earth, life, sun and heavens in context with the atmosphere gives a fresh perspective of the reasons why scientists are beginning to become aware that the new religion of "climate change" has captivated the uninformed, courted the politicians and threatening to cripple our capacity to develop as a nation.

 "We humans have experienced massive climate change. We've lived in glaciations, we've lived in times when it has been much warmer. So if you move from say Melbourne to

Hong Kong, there's a huge temperature increase. You don't die because of that, you adapt. Humans have done that over history, archeological and geological times. We have adapted, so a temperature change is not going to kill us, what it will do is that if we put in policies without a massive due diligence, we will put ourselves out of work, we will put our children out of work, we will shift businesses in Australia, which have a great advantage like mining, smelting and energy industries, we will shift them offshore."

 The book is a bestseller and in the few short weeks since publishing, is in its 4th printing. With over 2000 scientific references and endorsement by leading historian Geoffrey Blainey, this book is a powerful argument against the fundamental error of assuming that climate change is a man made catastrophe.

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 To see the video of this interview visit-