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Apr 20, 2017

 Show 1783 The Soldiers' Story: Vietnam in their own words. Audio book selection. 45 minutes.

This ACU show was originally published as ACU show 470 and is republished here. This Audio book segment serves as an introduction to this fine book. Purchase from Amazon or Audible.

 Synopsis- Most history-minded Americans have discussed the Vietnam War, becoming familiar, at the very least, with the names of such pivotal events as the Siege of Khe Sanh, the Tet Offensive, and the Fall of Saigon. But to grasp the full impact of this agonizing conflict, the human costs of an infernal war that raged for ten years and took more than 58,000 American lives, one must hear about it from the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who experienced the fighting and endured.

In The Soldiers" Story, veteran journalist Ron Steinman gathers the candid reminiscences of seventy-six men who survived combat in Vietnam. Not a military analysis or political study, this oral history vividly conveys the hardships, friendships, fears, and personal triumphs of Marine, Army, Air Force, and Navy veterans—each of whom shares memories that have lingered to this day. It is a valuable frontline record of battle-torn Vietnam from the perspective of those who lived it first-hand, giving us a window into the horror, intensity, and raw courage that the war engendered.


Ron Steinman an award-winning news journalist and television producer, was NBC Bureau Chief in Saigon for two years, leading that network's coverage of the Tet Offensive. His awards include a Peabody, a National Press Club Award, and five Emmy nominations. He is executive editor of The Digital Journalist


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