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All free!! All educational. All entertaining. All professionally recorded. No empty rhetoric here. Just entertaining learning. Choose from many different topics from the best talent around the world. Earn your American Conservative Masters Degree just by listening. No writing, no assignments. Just listen at the feet of some of the worlds greatest Conservative thinkers. Visit us at

Dec 21, 2009

Show 490 This is a audio version of the video lecture. 47 minutes.

The video is highly recommended for the visual aids. Visit

The audio is poor but the content is excellent.

Some iTune Podcasts you might like as suggested by ACU.

 American Conservative University Podcast. -  I rate this a 10 out of 10. The ACU podcast is of course #1.

 outloudopinion-audio of America's top conservative columnists.  - I rate this a 10 out of 10.

 Focus on the Family: James Dobson on Marriage.  Rating= 10 out of 10

Focus on the Family: James Dobson on Parenting. Rating= 10 out of 10

Between the covers on national review online-    Poor audio quality. Good content. 8 out of 10

 Cato Daily Podcasts. 7 out of 10

Cato Institute Event Podcast.  6 out of 10

The Mark Levin Show Audio Rewind  5 out of 10

Young American Foundation- 9 out of 10 see website for complete list of shows.

Lew Rockwell Show- 6 out of 10. Libertarian. Short shows but well edited.

Mises Institute Media- unrated but always cerebral and great. Economics

Recommended Websites

Dennis Prager.  For commercial free archived shows visit Pragertopia Cost is $6.95 per month. It"s the best entertainment/educational value out there.

Michael Medved to listen live for free or $4.95 per month to download all of his podcasts.

For all podcasts of the Young American Foundation visit


The Ludwig von Mises Institute. The world center of the Austrian School of economics and libertarian political and social theory. Visit-

The Lew Rockwell show archives at

For Faith and Family archive of podcasts visit  

For Cato Daily Podcasts Website visit

For the Cato Institute Event Podcast website visit

To download some of Hugh Hewitts shows visit his website at Hugh Hewitt

Visit Newt Gingrichs site at

Dr. Dobson's Focus on the Family podcast visit:

Focus on the Family: James Dobson on Parenting

 Focus on the Family: James Dobson on Marriage

 Book TV

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