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Jan 4, 2010

Show 496 Dennis Prager talks with Tom Sowell in studio on December 17, 2009. His new book is Intellectuals and Society (in pre-release). They also discuss Professor Sowell's recent book, Housing Boom and Bust… ObamaCare will be harmful to your health…

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Recommended Websites

Dennis Prager.  For commercial free archived shows visit Pragertopia Cost is $6.95 per month. It"s the best entertainment/educational value out there.

Michael Medved to listen live for free or $4.95 per month to download all of his podcasts.

For all podcasts of the Young American Foundation visit


The Ludwig von Mises Institute. The world center of the Austrian School of economics and libertarian political and social theory. Visit-

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Focus on the Family: James Dobson on Parenting

 Focus on the Family: James Dobson on Marriage

 Book TV

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