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Oct 28, 2016

Show 1636  Audio Book Introduction   To Destroy you is no Loss.

Originally published as ACU Show 852.

To those who ask the question “What happens when the Left takes over?” this book will give you insight. When Communists/Socialists take over, on average 10% of the population dies prematurely (murder, starvation, preventable disease etc…) and the survivors live a more miserable, impoverished and oppressed existence. Some countries, like Cambodia suffered over a third of their population dead. Those who say it can’t happen here are dead wrong. It happens every time the Left has unfettered power. – ACU.

About the book-  To Destroy you is no Loss. "To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss." The taunting slogan used by the Cambodian Communists to intimidate millions of Cambodians in 1975 sets the mood for this incredible survival story. Teeda, who was fifteen at the time of the Khmer Rouge take-over, chronicles her family's fearful existence and their emigration to America. Moore has a clear, soft voice; she gives the story the straightforward yet sensitive reading it deserves. Images of the horror of Teeda's family's deprivation, their sorrows and fears, the love and support within the family, and the strength of the human will to survive are all powerfully communicated by her careful phrasing and subtle changes in tone.  To Destroy You is No Loss. By Joan D. Criddle, Teeda Butt Mam. Narrated by Christina Moore. (from cover case)



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Purchase the book from Amazon or audible.

John Arkwright
seven and a half years ago

Thanks so much for the parts of the book. I'll have to buy it to learn the rest of the story.

Brad Barbaza
ten and a half years ago

I\'m assuming that there is a final part of this audio book that you didn\'t put up?

Thanks for sharing this however. I\'m currently looking for a used copy to purchase and plan on sharing it with members of my family.