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Sep 29, 2010

Show 613 John Stossel talks about free speech and whether or not obscenity, flag burning, and hate speech should be protected. Season 1 : Episode. 21 (44:04) Air date: 05/20/2010  


To see the video of this audio presentation and all of the John Stossel shows visit-


Watch John Stossel on the Fox Business Channel every Thursday 8PM Eastern.

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re! cheerleading IS a sport! look, the short skirts are because it's easier for bases to catch flyers. could they do that with long pants on? also, at competition, the judges need to make sure that your leg is straight, or bent, or in the right form, especially during jumps. at my school, we wear leggings at most games, and i still hear a million times a day that cheerleaders are sluts. gymnasts, wrestlers, swimmers, and ice skaters wear tighter and more revealing uniforms, and they are never called whores. the volleyball players at my school wear short shorts, the ones that we wear UNDER our skirts! cheerleaders compete. even though they do not score, as in basketball or football. they still work so hard for those two minutes on the floor. gymnasts and ice skaters compete based on judging, and if you think those are not sports, you're crazy. to be a cheerleader, you have to know how to tumble, which takes great strength and a lot of training. cheerleaders also have to stunt to be a flyer, you have to be extremely flexible and brave! to be a base well, athletes lift [url=]cheap authentic soccer jerseys[/url] weights, cheerleaders lift athletes! enough said. furthermore, cheerleaders have to memorize countless routines: it does take skill. lastly, jumps. try [url=]cheap authentic soccer jerseys[/url] doing a toe touch and i bet you wouldn't have enough muscle to get your fat ass off the ground. so next time you think of calling a cheerleader a slut or an attention whore, think again. while i admit that some are, that is NOT because she is a cheerleader. Some people are just that way, but don't stereotype based on one or two people. March 21, 2009 at 7:15 pm 133 baileyclaire says: okay and sport king your little thing about how we practice and compete and stuff. so do football players is that a sport yes! anything that envolves physical activity is a sport! try telling me that working my teams butts off to get 2nd IN THE NATION isn't a sport. March 21, 2009 at 7:18 pm 134 baileyclaire says: david err whatever okay so theres no season yerrr right. BUT WE COMPETE ALLLLL YEAR ROUND! football only goes one season, baseball one season, track goes all year and it's a sport! so next time b

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only takes a few people to ruin it for all. Until we can make sure the field of play [url=]replica soccer jerseys wholesale[/url] is level for all, and our individual skills, not our markers, are put to the test, the sport of paintball will never be accepted in Olympic competition. August 27, 2008 at 12:06 pm 8 Rob says: I agree about the cheating aspect of it. It is unfortunate, but with the amount of wiping which displays a complete lack of integrity , cheater boards, etc, there isn t much sport left in tourney ball. It is more about who can dump more paint onto a bunker in a given period of time, and what you can get away with when no one is looking. August 29, 2008 at [url=]replica soccer jerseys cheap[/url] 2:58 pm 9 Johnathan says: I think the aspects of cheating and image will have a far greater impact on whether Paintball is accepted than the number of players. Look up javelin and see how many show up, or discus. Though I can t back it up with numbers, I would assume that more people play paintball than do synchronized swimming. Cheating can happen in any sport, so while I do think it would have to be considered, I think the results would be similar to any other sport 8230. very strict and precise rules to ensure an even playing field from an equipment point of view. Image though 8230. that s key to the Olympic games. Through more education about paintball I think that s theres a good chance that it will be in one day. After all 8230. BMX was there this year. September 4, 2008 at 9:19 am 10 Sandwolf says: even though most people argue that it is too violent to put in the Olympics which is a good reason there is no way they are keep it out. it s exciting, fast paced, and just plain fun. I am confident that it will be an Olympic sport very soon. March 12, 2009 at 10:11 am 11 Aaron says: you need to actually play the sport not just play to games and say its very violent you have no idea we love each other out on the field we dont have a strong hatered towards any one so yeah you chill it will make it into the olympics BEAT DOWN 8230. 8230. CITY. August 27, 2009 at 10:58 pm 12 Robert says: yah it should its just like other sports its like soccer and football you need team

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I do not believe that this is, strictly speaking, a halachic issue since it would be difficult to say that the non-Jew has an obligation to wear a head covering, [url=]abercrombie and fitch outlet[/url]
but it is a matter of etiquette and respect. Indeed Rabbi Donin's quote comes for the section he titled "What to tell non-Jews visiting the Synagogue."
锘縅ew attending synagogue to wear a yarmulke
covering of his own, should take a skullcap provided by the synagogue.
There is no halakhic obligation to have one's head covered, besides for in tefilla. I know this response will not be popular, but it is indeed the correct understanding of the gemara and the actual halakhic requirement, contrary to popular understanding.
respect in a religious setting." (Rabbi Hayim Halevy Donin, To Pray as
It says in Divrei HaRav (by R. Hershel Schachter, p143) that when they asked R. Aharon Kotler whether a non-Jewish secular studies teacher in a yeshiva should be asked to wear a yarmulke, he said he should be told specifically not to wear a yarmulke, because this [url=]Louis vuitton borse[/url]
is a case of 讜讛讘讚诇转诐 in which Jews should wear yarmulkes in order to appear different from non-Jews.
the skullcap itself, as I have mentioned, has no intrinsic religious
sanctity, but putting in on [url=][/url]
conforms to the Jewish way of [url=][/url]
The idea of not walking 4 amot without one's head covered was meant as an act of hasidut of conversing with HaShem basically constantly. It was meant as having the head covered with a talith, as being in tefilla, rather than just walking about period.
Would this apply in a synagogue setting also, that non-Jewish guests should not wear a yarmulke? Or perhaps not, because the pedagogical motive is not present. Are there sources that discuss this?
There is no actual halakhic obligation for even a Jew to wear a kipa. The brakha in the morning (which is to be recited upon doing the action) "`oter Yisrael [url=]ralph lauren outlet uk[/url]
batifara" is recited upon wrapping a turban. See Mishne Torah hilkhoth tefilla pereq zen. Over time in Ashkenazi galut, various customs changed and wearing a kipa became the accepted practice. This is good and fine, and proper. In fact, in tefilla, one should have one's head covered.
Our Arab cousins often share the same original style of dress as us in our originality, but it is distinguished other than through headcovering. Kipot and some other Ashkenazi dress sometimes originated from Christian sources. So I think the whole question stands on some misunderstanding to [url=]abercrombie and fitch outlet[/url]
begin with.
observed by non-Jews. The male visitor who does not have a head
a Jew, page 60).
This situation is not similar to the issue of non-Jewish teachers. In such a situation there is prolonged personal contact with a person who serves in a mentoring capacity. It is natural for students to turn to these adults as role models and as such a need to emphasize that the rebbeim are to serve as the primary role models. A visitor is a visitor, if they would like to visit they need to respect the holiness of the Synagogue.
"The rule about a head covering in the synagogue should also be

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kids to run but instead let them decide, let them ask 8212. but is that always the best strategy. There are many things that children like and need but don锟斤拷t jump at. they can often do with a little prodding. Some kids are shy and [url=]cheap authentic soccer jerseys[/url] may not welcome the idea of joining other kids in running. But running is also a way to break that shyness and make new friends, a huge incentive. As Deena Kastor, the 2004 Olympic marathon bronze medalist, once told me, 锟斤拷I was a painfully shy child. that锟斤拷s why my parents pushed me into running. It made all the difference with socialization and self esteem. For me, running meant going to practice to be with friends. 锟斤拷 Find a middle ground between taking your lead from the child and prodding, says Gould, the Michigan sports psychologist. He cautions adults not to let prodding become an excuse to push kids too far. In his studies on what he calls the 锟斤拷professionalism of youth sports,锟斤拷 Gould has found large numbers of 锟斤拷over involved锟斤拷 parents interfering with their child锟斤拷s development as an athlete or person. BEST PLACES TO RUN While it锟斤拷s usually easiest to run from the front door, paved roads are hard on children锟斤拷s legs, and sidewalks and traffic limit options for fun and games. Still, for time pressured parents, there锟斤拷s nothing wrong with taking young ones around the block a few times. Dr. Bill Roberts, past president of the American College of Sports Medicine and medical director of the Twin Cities Marathon, measured a quarter mile from his house and had his kids at 5 and 6 after they asked run out and back, a half mile, a few times a week. When kids are older, you [url=]wholesale soccer jerseys free shipping[/url] can run the roads as transportation, to an ice cream parlor or, in the case of Albuquerque coach Adam Kedge, to a bagel shop for Sunday brunch. Kedge and his sons, 8 and 9, do a 2 mile 锟斤拷bagel run,锟斤拷 eat, then run 2 miles back, all the while calling themselves by the names of local running stars. But out on the roads, there锟斤拷s always risk that parents running with children will 锟斤拷carry锟斤拷 them too far, beyond their enjoyment and what锟斤拷s good for them. Most 7 , 8 , or 9 year olds should not be doin


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Kansas State's in town hoping to continue its march to the BCS National Championship Game, and I'll be there to provide coverage all day.What's next The Cornhuskers can build immediate momentum for next season with a victory in the Gator Bowl, which would be their first since beating Michigan in the 2005 Alamo Bowl.The Dallas [url=]cheap jerseys from china[/url] Morning News' Chuck Carlton writes that McCoy can become the winningest quarterback in school history while beating Texas A&M for the first time in his career.Josh Freeman said he's waiting until he finds out who will be Kansas State's new coach until he decides on declaring for the NFL Draft, the Topeka Capital-Journal's Austin Meek's Tim Griffin Here's a look at some of what's [url=]cheap jerseys from china[/url] hot and what's not across the Big 12 this week.K-State's game against the Big 12's other national power, Oklahoma, earned just 25 percent of the vote.40 MAC 5 1.DU: Fantastic.But that snub should serve as inspiration for the Longhorns, who still harbor a slim chance at the AP media poll with an impressive victory and a lackluster BCS title game.Texas defensive tackle Roy Miller saw the signs and agreed with their sentiments.Both would have to win out to force a tie with other one-loss team, meaning they likely would have the momentum generated by beating Texas Tech and/or each other down the stretch."But this game this week is about a lot more than Bo and I.Record: 3-1 (.Regardless, just getting to this bowl game will stand as a major stepping stone for the Gophers.TCU will do it, thanks to its schedule, and ascend the polls.

The biggest concern is Tech All-American wide receiver Michael Crabtree, who sprained his ankle while returning a kickoff last week against Texas A&M.The Red Raiders will have a shot if they win today."It's not relevant to us anymore, that's the whole point."You have to see how it plays [url=]cheap authentic jerseys[/url] out, but I have played Oklahoma and we haven't played Texas," Pelini said."It's not as big of a deal as it was back then, but it's still a big deal for us.Tight end Brody Eldridge (ankle) and wide receiver Manny Johnson (dislocated elbow) both are expected to's Tim Griffin How about chatting about Big 12 and college football at 11 a.m. ET.Drop your questions off before we start, but keep them coming once I arrive.

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ent with custodial rights may have less money to provide a larger home for his her grandchildren. Additionally, a parent who pays child support might not be able to afford a large home to allow for his her children to have their own rooms. 4. Child's Ability to Adjust A child who is accustomed to a larger space may have trouble adjusting to a smaller space in a parent's home. A judge will consider whether a child would be psychologically affected by a drastic change to his her environment. However, a judge's main concern will be the best interest of the child. As such, a judge would assume that a child will be happy, even with less space, as long as the child has [url=]cheap football jerseys[/url] the opportunity to spend time with his her parent. 5. SafetyA judge will inquire as to the safety of the parent's home and neighborhood. If there's a potential chance of harm to a child in a home or neighborhood, a judge might limit overnight visits to the non custodial parent's home. Recently, I added some free Sports Motif patterns which included baseball, basketball, football, and soccer ball patterns. Debbie commented, "Problem is that my favorite sport is hockey love to watch it 锟紺 afraid to try it. " I promised to rectify the lack of "hockey love" in the collection. Photo copy. Connie G. BarwickSo, I have. I added a simple crossed sticks and puck design for the hockey fans out there. You can stitch the chart with the floss colors of your choice. Stay up to date with when free patterns and articles are added to About Cross Stitch. Subscribe to the About Cross Stitch Newsletter today. 6 September 25, 2009 at 10:58 am 1 Marion BE says: Make the sticks a bit rounder and shorter, and you ll have a pattern for shinty lovers too. Though the main reason I know what a shinty stick looks like is because the quilting group I belong to uses a shinty club hall for our meetings. September 26, [url=]cheap football jerseys[/url] 2009 at 7:44 am 2 Debbie says: Woo hoo. These are great. They d make a cute badge to wear on my jerseys when I go out to watch the Charlotte Checkers games. Thanks, Connie. September 26, 2009 at 7:58 am 3 Connie G. says: Marion I can honestly say, I never h


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na Career: Messi's first appearance for the [url=]cheap football jerseys[/url] Albiceleste White and Sky blue came against Hungry on August 17, 2005 but he was sent off within two minutes of coming on for elbowing an opponent. He featured at the 2006 World Cup in Germany but coach Jose Pekerman was reluctant to hand him free rein and he started just one match. Barcelona did not want Messi to play in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing but an agreement [url=]cheap soccer jerseys[/url] was reached and he duly helped his county win the gold medal. There was a perception among some critics that Messi under performed at the World Cup, as Argentina reached the quarter finals. He did not score doing everything but , but demonstrated his sublime talents against Nigeria and South Korea in the group stages. He may not have been at his very best, but the 2010 World Cup was by no means a write off for Messi who often shone in his position behind the strikers. More profiles of the world's greatest players Here is a selection of quizzes designed to test your forestry knowledge. Take a quiz for fun and find out how much forestry you actually know. First, select the topic and then take the quiz by selecting your answers to each question. Then press "Get Score" to score your quiz. There are 15 forestry topics from which to choose. Enjoy. 6 September 10, 2010 at 11:59 am 1 Trish says: Hi Steve, I am an Activity Director for an retirement community in Charlotte, NC and I am trying to find out which week would be better to bring my residents to the NC mountains to view the fall Foliage. Can you help me. Thank You September 15, 2010 at 2:45 am 2 keitumetse owageng says: hi steve,i am a student studying foresty and range ecology doing my second year. actually in forestry tha is where my undivided passion and interests lies,its only that i have a feeling that in my country forestry is taken for granted. i would love to see myself somewhere. help me. September 15, 2010 at 2:48 am 3 keitumetse owageng says: hi steve,i am a student studying foresty and range ecology doing my second year. actually in forestry tha is where my undivided passion and interests lies,its only that i have

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yes had changed expression and into them were coming watchfulness and measurement and a light none other than of battle. quot Stability, equilibrium, quot he said, relaxing on the instant and sinking his body back into repose. quot Feet with which to clutch the ground, legs to stand on and to help withstand, while with arms and hands, teeth and nails, I struggle to kill and to be not killed. Purpose? Utility is the better word. quot I did not argue. I had seen the mechanism of the primitive fighting beast, and I was as strongly impressed as if I had seen the [url=]cheap jerseys from china[/url] engines of a great battleship or Atlantic liner. I was surprised, considering the fierce struggle in the forecastle, at the superficiality of his hurts, and I pride myself that I dressed them dexterously. With the exception of several bad wounds, the rest were merely severe bruises and lacerations. The blow which he had received before going overboard had laid his scalp open several inches. This, under his direction, I cleansed and sewed together, having first shaved the edges of the wound. Then the calf of his leg was badly lacerated and looked as though it had been mangled by a bulldog. Some sailor, he told me, had laid hold of it by his teeth, at the beginning of the fight, and [url=]cheap jerseys china[/url] hung on and been dragged to the top of the forecastle ladder, when he was kicked loose. quot By the way, Hump, as I have remarked, you are a handy man, quot Wolf Larsen began, when my work was done. quot As you know, we're short a mate. Hereafter you shall stand watches, receive seventy five dollars per month, and be addressed fore and aft as Mr. Van Weyden. quot quot I I don't understand navigation, you know, quot I gasped. quot Not necessary at all. quot quot I really do not care to sit in the high places, quot I objected. quot I find life precarious enough in my present humble situation. I have no experience. Mediocrity, you see, has its compensations. quot He smiled as though it were all settled. quot I won't be mate on this hell ship! quot I cried defiantly. I saw his face grow hard and the merciless glitter come into his eyes. He walked to the door of his room,


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Nutritionist Dr Wynnie Chan from the British Nutrition Foundation is quick to point out that being bigger isn't necessarily unhealthy, but with one in five people in the UK now clinically obese it is clear that "obesity is a serious problem, and if retailers allow us to ignore that, it could be dangerous.""During the boom we saw what we would typically say are masculine values, but it is dangerous to stereotype. [url=][/url] became obsessed with them,' she said.5p to 270p after Goldman Sachs increased its full-year profits forecast to &#[url=][/url]; AitchBristol Sign Poetry Festival

The nation's pension funds, which have assets of €12bn, are also being encouraged to repatriate cash.5p at 128p as rumours circulated that Baugur was about to abandon House of Fraser in order to pursue a far bigger prize - the Wm Morrison supermarket chain, whose shares added 3p at 197."Due to the cutbacks it's been reduced to two.Make sure you're pitching to the right person: your immediate superior should be more aware of what you contribute.He is also said to have been granted a ???100m loan from Kaupthing in Reykjavik to fund the acquisition of shares in the bank.Similarly, soon after being nationalised, Kaupthing called in its loans on Mosaic, a fashion group which owned eight brands including Coast, Karen Millen, Oasis, Principles and Warehouse."
Park yourself on the spot where Ronaldo got his kit on and off during his Inter days and wander through the Hall of Fame at the stadium, all for the princely sum of 10 euros. Fashion design duo Rodarte, darlings of New York fashion week, are [url=]karen millen outlet[/url] to be one of a stable of three hip labels commissioned by Gap to create their own version of the classic white shirt for the high street store.

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Quote and images from the New York Times, where you can read more.
Chinese beachgoers have found an interesting way to combat the sun, one that goes beyond even full wetsuits and sun hats and even gloves. Theyre opting for ski-style face masks.
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Click on the thumbnails or hit play on the video to see the five spring 2013 looks that Tom Ford has opted to debut ahead of his next womens collection arriving in store.
Click the thumbnails for full pictures:
Such are his views of how a [url=]karen [url=]karen millen dress[/url] millen dresses[/url] collection unveiling should be handled that his the hardest London fashion week invite to get, and yet designer Tom Ford is slowly coming around to this digital world. In the past it was a case of no catwalk being held at all, but now Fords salon shows have steadily聽become something of a salon-cum-catwalk fusion. And while the ban and restrictions on time-centric press [url=]karen millen online[/url] still remains, after a series of leaks over past seasons the same restrictions exists to much smaller degree. We cant help but [url=]karen millen outlet[/url] agree with Fords sentiments revealing your collection to the world 6 months before its available for sale makes little sense but the reality of the modern world is such that, no matter how secret the catwalk, something is still going to leak. Better to control that leak than have it come in the guise of a grainy Twitter picture, right?
The looks give a sample of the cut, palette and vibe of Tom Fords forthcoming womens collection. Cleaner than what we had [url=][/url] envisaged, it ranges from the relaxed to the refined red carpet. While the relaxed doesnt leave us wishing to have our names put down upon a pre-order list at the nearest Tom Ford boutique, the knee high boots, with their timely gladiator overtones, certainly do.
And thats precisely what Tom Ford has done, having both released a small selection of photos and today a video that preview his spring 2013 collection.

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Dynamo's Ninkovic had a chance to level five minutes later but his shot from the edge of the box past Kazan goalie Sergei Ryzhikov edged wide. After the interval the hosts, spurred on by their supporters, added power to the attacks pinning Kazan back and in the 71st minute Yussuf levelled with a six-yard header from Magrao well-placed corner.
Dynamo took top spot in Group F after Italian league winners Inter Milan and Spanish European champions Barcelona ended with a goalless draw. Kazan, who were playing their first ever UEFA Champions League [url=][/url] match, started lively and created a set of early chances but to no immediate avail.
Dynamo, much more experienced fighters in the European arena, soon took the initiative back and began testing the visitors' defence but their efforts also remained fruitless. In the 25th minute Dominguez lifted Kazan 1-0 up with a precise 23 metre free-kick into the top left-hand corner after Dynamo's Serbian midfielder Milos Ninkovic fouled skipper Sergei Semak in front of goal.
Dynamo upped the tempo and eight minutes later Magrao put Dynamo in front 2-1 with a powerful shot from close range. Gusev rounded off the scoring in the 85th minute firing in a rebound from close range.
Dynamo's goals came from Nigerian midfielder Ayila Yussuf, Brazilian defender Gerson Magrao and Ukrainian international halfback Oleg Gusev, while Argentinian forward Alejandro Dominguez was on target for Kazan.
Ukrainian [url=]wholesale soccer jerseys[/url] champions Dynamo Kiev battled back from a goal down to get off to a winning start in [url=]Cheap soccer jerseys[/url] the new UEFA Champions League campaign beating 3-1 Russian champions [url=]2014 world cup jersey[/url] Kazan?on Wednesday.

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Inter Milan came from behind to move joint-top of Serie A with a win at Palermo.Josip Ilicic put the hosts in front after 28 minutes, but Samuel Eto'o levelled in the 63rd minute and earned the Nerazzurri all three points in the 71st minute. Diego Milito missed a hatful of chances to make it a more comfortable win [url=]cheap soccer jerseys[/url] for Inter, who moved level on seven points with Cesena at the top of the table by extending their unbeaten start to the season.Palermo coach Delio Rossi was labelled a "joke coach" by his club's president Maurizio Zamparini after a 3-2 defeat to Sparta Prague in the UEFA Europa League, and he was told to admit to making mistakes in his team selection.The [url=][/url] admittance arrived today when he presented his team sheet with five changes. Mattia Cassani, Ezequiel [url=]cheap soccer jerseys[/url] Munoz, Armin Bacinovic, Giulio Migliaccio and Ilicic were all named in a new-look side while Inter coach Rafa Benitez once again resisted the temptation to give Philipe Coutinho his first start with Wesley Sneijder injured.Even with new faces, it looked the same old Palermo early on as Inter had the better chances to go ahead. Milito had a shot blocked while Eto'o almost created one and scored another goal, but Palermo defenders always got in the way of the Inter forwards' shots.The hosts then went ahead with their first real effort of the game, and with a goal on his debut [url=]2014 world cup jerseys[/url] for Ilicic. Ilicic started the move which led to the goal by setting up Javier Pastore, whose shot was only parried by Julio Cesar to the Slovenian attacker, who was following up to open the scoring.Inter had chances to level before the break with Milito and Dejan Stankovic both denied by Salvatore Sirigu. It looked like it was not going to be Inter's day when Milito placed his shot wide of the post from Goran Pandev's low cross early in the second half, but the visitors got the goal they were looking for in the 62nd minute. Eto'o shook off Munoz and placed his low shot past Sirigu into the far corner.Palermo should have [url=]authentic soccer jerseys[/url] gone ahead once again minutes later when Pastore missed the target with only Julio Cesar to beat and Inter punished them by taking the lead themselves. Stankovic played a neat one-two with Maicon to get to the goal line and square for Eto'o, who made no mistake to earn Inter all three points and take them into a share of the lead at the top of Serie A.

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Pine Trees and Dandelions in the Garden of St. Paul Hospital
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There are different forms of abstract art and they can all look beautiful in your home. The
art can be either representational where there seems to be some forms that can be
recognized in the painting, or it can be non-representational where there are no obvious
forms visible. You can take a look at abstract art and see whatever you want. If you want to
hang it in a contemporary living room it can work there because as an abstract form it can
take on a contemporary look. Hanging it in a kitchen can make it look like a very domestic
painting and appropriate for the surroundings.

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