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Sep 19, 2019

Trial by Jury: Defense Against Tyranny.

Tenth Amendment Center

An ancient right, the Founders considered the jury trial to be not just essential for liberty, but possibly the most important check on government power. As Thomas Jefferson put it: “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor...

Sep 9, 2019

Dinesh D'Souza - Road to Majority, YAFTV Playlist, Red Flag- Oppose a Disease at its Beginning.


Dinesh D'Souza - Road to Majority 2019

Faith & Freedom Coalition

Published on Jul 26, 2019

Dinesh D'Souza addresses the Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority 2019 policy...

Sep 5, 2019

The Commerce Clause gone wild. The Most Abused Clause in the Constitution.


The Commerce Clause gone wild.


Judge Napolitano explains one mechanism politicians have used to grow government and increase their own influence.


Lesson 3: The Commerce Clause

Aug 20, 2019

Mankind’s Deadliest Predator, The "Judicial Supremacy" Myth, CA 'Motor Voter' Fraud and Book- Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land.

  • The "Judicial Supremacy" Myth: Jefferson and Madison Set Things Straight
  • The Mosquito: A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator.
  • CA 'Motor Voter' Program Threatens...

Jan 12, 2019

Tom Woods Nullification Edition.

The Establishment Is Ignorant: Nullification Edition

Ever since it became known that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has spoken favorably about the right of the states to nullify unconstitutional federal laws, we’ve been treated to a barrage of the usual third-grade arguments...