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Sep 24, 2018

Show 3175. The Tenth Amendment Center Short Excerpts.


The "Other" Preamble

Tenth Amendment Center

Published on Aug 26, 2018

You’re probably familiar with the preamble to the Constitution. Maybe you even memorized it in school. But most government-schools never teach that the Bill of Rights also has its own preamble.


Samuel Adams: "The Constitution is Fixed"

Tenth Amendment Center

Published on Aug 11, 2018

A lot of people believe that the Constitution means what the supreme court tells us it means, until it changes its mind.

They're wrong.



44,000 Bombs in 2017: The Result of Ignoring the Constitution on War

Tenth Amendment Center

Published on Jul 21, 2018

Give government an inch and they always take a mile. Especially when it comes to war powers. Under George W Bush’s two terms in office, the military dropped over 70,000 bombs. Not to be outdone, Barack Obama raised that number to 100,000. Donald Trump is putting those numbers to shame so far, with more than 44,000 bombs dropped in just his first year in office even though the country isn’t supposedly at “war” with anyone. The lesson here should be straightforward. When you turn a blind eye to violations of Constitutional limits, or you change definitions in the document to fit your own political goals, you shouldn’t be surprised when politicians act like there are no limits at all.


The Constitution and War Powers: Jefferson vs the Barbary Pirates

Tenth Amendment Center

Published on Jul 7, 2018

Some people want you to believe that Thomas Jefferson waged war on the Barbary pirates without congressional approval – but they’re either ignorant or lying.


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The Constitution itself is supreme, not the opinion of any person or group of people in any branch of government.


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