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Jul 28, 2016

Show 1563 Thomas Sowell 1. YouTube Playlist from Liberty Pen



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 The following segments are from Liberty Pen's YouTube playlist.

Ever Wonder Why?

America is the exception, not the rule.


Varieties of Nothing

Professor Sowell explains how politicians often disguise nothing as something to assuage public opinion.


The Option Destroyers

A commentary on the unintended consequences of "well meaning" regulations. More videos and information on issues of liberty is available at


The Money Of Fools

Thomas Sowell on the dynamics of political currency.


The Art of the Impossible

We can do the possible for ourselves.


Tough Teachers

Tough teachers have become too politically incorrect for government schools. One more reason to empower parents with educational vouchers.


Who Are the Poor?

Thomas Sowell looks at the transitory nature of being poor in America.


Why Drugs Should Be Legalized

Professor Sowell understood the economic and social dynamics of drug illegality more than 25 years ago.


Judicial Activism

Thomas Sowell's commentary on judicial activism has never been more timely or relevant.


Confessions of an Exploited Teen

Professor Sowell uses a moment from his past to teach a valuable lesson about intentions and results.


Another Crisis

Professor Sowell illustrates the anatomy of a crisis.


Left vs Right

Professor Sowell looks at the dynamics of the political spectrum.



Thomas Sowell debates the dynamics of welfare with Pennsylvania Secretary of Welfare, Helen O'Banion


The Vision of the Anointed

Thomas Sowell discusses the premise behind his book, "Vision of the Anointed."



Prolific author and columnist Thomas Sowell discusses affirmative action and diversity with Charlie Rose.