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Sep 20, 2019

Young Americas Foundation Playlist “OnlyatYAF” Part 1


Young Americas Foundation Playlist #onlyatYAF Part 1.

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BUT WHO GETS THE PROFIT? D'Souza absolutely guts core Marxist argument

VICTORY OR DEATH: Allen West calls on all of us to take a stand for liberty

THE ROT RUNS DEEP: How the Left always gets everything exactly backward

TRIGGER WARNING: Ted Cruz goes scorched earth on anti-free speech culture

PRO-LIFE MEANS PRO-LIFE: Advocating for abortion hurts, not helps, rape victims

Super Bowl champ ROCKS slavery reparations hearing: "I don't want them"

THE WOKE HYPOCRITES: The Left tipped its hand over abortion & got nailed for it

IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES: What caused the greatest freedom upswell in history?

HOW FREEDOM WINS THE DAY: The enemies of liberty are advancing, heed this advice

LIVE YOUR BEST (THUG) LIFE: Ben Shapiro has 7 tips for all young conservatives

RCD DESTROYS AOC: No one comes here to find socialism, they come here to escape it

FACTS, LOGIC, & MATT WALSH: Gay "marriage" by definition can’t be the same as marriage

BIG GOV'T, BIG PROBLEMS: Dinesh D'Souza totally guts the case for gov't "charity"

NICE TRY: Matt Walsh deftly DESTROYS liberal myths about abortion & adoption

NICE TRY: Matt Walsh deftly DESTROYS liberal myths about abortion & adoption

PROBLEMS IN THE POLIS? Knowles reveals why public life & virtue matter

Liz Wheeler SHUTS DOWN 2 most popular arguments for abortion in 2 minutes

I'D LIKE TO PHONE A FRIEND: Leftist can't score a point on Knowles, even with help!

MORE POWER FOR THE PEOPLE: Nigel Farage demolishes the unaccountable UN & EU

MAN, I FEEL LIKE A WOMAN: Walsh absolutely wrecks entire transgender argument

Ben Shapiro DESTROYS minimum wage, regulation, & subsidies in under 2 minutes

MICHAEL KNOWLES WINS: Crazy grandpa self-owns, renders himself speechless

BIG GOV'T CAN'T BE DADDY: White people aren't to blame for your problems, gov't is

WALLS WORK: Michael Knowles CEMENTS the argument for a wall once and for all

SHE'S 0-2 NOW: Allen West educates laughable leftist about real threat to blacks

SHE'S 0-2 NOW: Allen West educates laughable leftist about real threat to blacks

TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY: There is no "societal racism," you're in control of your life

IT'S GETTING HOT IN HERE: Michael Knowles sets fire to global warming argument

Ever hear of Saint Peter? Knowles takes pro-abortion Christians to (Sunday) school

RICH MOM, POOR MOM: Walsh completely DEFUNDS economic abortion argument

Alabama liberal confronts Shapiro over abortion laws, who do you think wins?

Alabama liberal confronts Shapiro over abortion laws, who do you think wins?

SOMEONE STOP HIM: Knowles completely demolishes second professor in one day

SOMEONE STOP HIM: Knowles completely demolishes second professor in one day

ONCE & FOR ALL: Nigel Farage debunks the Left's big lie about nationalism

IS IT OVER FOR AMERICA? Reason is on the decline, is it permanent or temporary?

SO MUCH YES: Latino student INSTANTLY & TOTALLY wrecks his own leftist professors

LAUGH OUT LOUD: Leftist shows up to debate Islam, it doesn't end well for him

SPEECH IS NOT VIOLENCE: Knowles completely owns pretentious professor

WELL THIS IS AWKWARD: Matt Walsh has to educate biology student on biology

WHY BELIEVE ALL WOMEN? Shapiro defends due process & slams radical feminism

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Guy tries to make Shapiro say U.S. ruined other economies

Knowles CLEANS THE FLOOR with university admin after being sprayed with chemicals

BREAKING: Crazed students assault Michael Knowles for saying men are not women

ROCK ON: Michael Knowles burns "geologist" in heated climate change exchange

SOMEONE GIVE HIM A RAISE: Ben Shapiro kills the minimum wage argument for good

RAW NEW DEAL: Knowles turns pro-Green New Deal leftist RED with embarrassment

REAL LIFE THUG LIFE: Shapiro DESTROYS liberal student who likes big gov & free stuff

ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL: Dinesh D'Souza destroys the open border argument

ALL LIVES MATTER: Ben Shapiro answers abortion question, DESTROYS abortion doctors

PATHETIC: Cocky SJW spits on the grave of Columbus, is made to regret it INSTANTLY

NOTHING BUT THE FACTS: Ben Shapiro triggers leftist with basic biology facts

WHAT WAS HE THINKING...? SJW tries to "own" Shapiro over racism & fails epically

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Young Stanford snowflake tries to call D'Souza "racist"

LMAO: Delicate student tries & fails to stump Knowles, turns & runs away in fear

D'Souza SLAMS leftists for letting illegals jump the line that he had to wait in

LOL: Leftist student tries to stump Shapiro on abortion, fails miserably & publicly

SHUT. DOWN. Dinesh D'Souza 100% owns snowflakes trying to stage a "walk out"

WHY SHAPIRO IS OUR HERO: Ben PROVES capitalism is more moral & more efficient

THE BIGOTRY OF THE LEFT: Michael Knowles SHREDS Virginia's "rapists & racists"

HEY LEFTISTS: You live in the freest country in the history of the world

STRAIGHT TRUTH: Santorum explains the right to life to brainwashed leftists

SO MUCH YES: Ben Shapiro totally destroys AOC & her socialist sidekicks

BACK THE BLUE: D'Souza reveals how we will beat #BlackLivesMatter for good

FACTS NOT FEELINGS: Shapiro demolishes & humiliates little socialist comrade

SO SATISFYING: Liz Wheeler BLASTS liberal argument on abortion & freedom

OH SNAP: Michael Knowles totally blasts millennials for idolizing "socialist hell"

BUILD THE WALL: D'Souza lays to rest ONCE & FOR ALL argument over immigration

HARD HAT ZONE: Ben Shapiro takes 10-ton wrecking ball to girl's abortion argument

Conservative dream team drops massive truth bomb on wannabe social scientist



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