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Feb 24, 2010

Show 518 Glen Beck at CPAC 2010. (Conservative Political Action Conference) 57 minutes.

 Highly Recommended- see the video of this audio presentation at

Glenn Beck - Weekdays at 5p & 2a ET on the Fox...

Feb 22, 2010

Show 517 George Will speaking to CPAC 2010. An excellent speech. Funny, brilliant, a 9 out of 10. Thirty minutes long.

To watch the video of this audio presentation visit

Feb 19, 2010

 Show 516 Crash Course The American Automobile Industrys Road from Glory to Disaster. Michael Medved talks to author Paul Ingrassia

From the publisher- ABOUT THIS BOOK   This is the epic saga of the American automobile industry's rise and demise, a compelling story of hubris, denial, missed opportunities, and...

Feb 17, 2010


Show 515

Segment 1. CBS’s 60 Minutes show on Medicare fraud.

Segment 2 Glen Beck on Climate Change

Segment 3 Dennis Prager talks to Paul Ingrassia, Detroit bureau chief for the Wall Street Journal. His new book is Crash Course: The American Automobile Industry's Road from Glory to...

Feb 15, 2010

Show 514 Dennis Prager went to DC to speak to Congressional Republicans. He reflects on the event and replays his speech

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