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Nov 30, 2015

Show 1383  NRO 11 National Review Online. The Bookmonger.


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Ep. 51: Is Washington killing you?

That's the question Darcy Olsen raises in her new book, The Right To Try: How the Federal Government Prevents...

Nov 27, 2015

Show 1381 The Evolution of Everything- How New Ideas Emerge by Matt Ridley

This ACU show consists of two interviews of the author.

Segment 1From The Tom Woods Show. Episode 533  The Separation of Science and State

Matt Ridley returns to the show to argue against the overwhelmingly dominant view that science requires...

Nov 26, 2015

Show 1380 Thomas Sowell’s new book Wealth, Poverty, and Politics- An International Perspective.

 This is a 70 minute excerpt from the audio book and serves as an introduction to this truly great book. Purchase at Amazon or Audible. Highly recommended by ACU. A must have in every Conservative Library.


Nov 25, 2015

Show 1379 Two Interviews of Thomas Sowell of his new book Wealth, Poverty, and Politics: An International Perspective

Segment 1 is from the Tom Woods Show episode 528

Sowell on Inequality, and Why Equality Is an Impossible Goal

 Today I discuss some fantastic material from Thomas Sowell’s new book Wealth, Poverty,...

Nov 24, 2015

Show 1378 The Parenting Paradigm with John Rosemond part 1 and 2

From The License to Parent Program with Trace Embry.


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