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Jan 27, 2019

The Four Great Discoveries of Modern Science That Prove God Exists. Part 1 and 2. ACU Sunday Series 

This ACU show consists of parts 1 and 2 of this 4 part series.


The Four Great Discoveries of Modern Science That Prove God Exists - Program 1

Watch this video presentation at-   Highly recommended.

John Ankerberg Show

Discovery One - The Universe Had a Definite Beginning. What are the competing scientific views held today, and how does the latest evidence overwhelmingly point toward an Intelligent Designer rather than an eternal past or naturalistic creative process? Dr. Stephen Meyer joins Dr. John Ankerberg.


The Four Great Discoveries of Modern Science That Prove God Exists - Program 2

Watch program 2 of this presentation at-

John Ankerberg Show

Discovery Two - Space and Time Had a Beginning - If the universe had a definite beginning, then a second related significant discovery also becomes clear—space and time had a beginning. Rather than an eternal past or indefinite period of time, the universe was created within a definite space and within a certain time period—all by the same being who designed the universe itself. Dr. Stephen Meyer joins Dr. John Ankerberg. Published on Jun 17, 2018




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